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Why you need a vision to create a life beyond your wildest dreams

Hey sis!

Thank you for meeting me here today! As always, take a moment to honour yourself for showing up. It's the little things we do on a regular basis that count the most. I hope that showing up to read these posts consistently is helping you to start creating the life you desire.

Today I'm excited to share with you about the importance of vision. This is probably not new to you, but oftentimes we need to be reminded about even the most obvious of things. I was in church on Sunday, and the entire message was about vision, vision for the church and for each individual's personal lives. The message felt so relevant to me that I felt inspired to pass it forward to you.

So get comfortable, grab a cup of tea, and let's get going.

In this post you will discover...

. how vision is linked with living intentionally

. how a vision will help you create the life you desire

What is vision?

Vision describes the ability to see into the future, imagining what more could be possible for yourself, and guiding the decisions and actions you take on your journey toward your future. Vision is important because, if you don't know where you're going, you'll wake up one day and possibly find that you're living some iteration of a life that lacks the meaning and satisfaction that you crave.

Vision and living intentionally

Our vision should be based on our true values. Since our values inform our beliefs, which inform our thoughts and feelings, our desires will be based on our values. In the same way that we base our intentions on our values, our vision must be aligned with our true values.

This brings me to a concept called "intentional living". Intentional living simply means knowing why we do the things that we do, and consciously selecting our behaviours and the things that make up our life. It means taking the time to question the motivation behind each of your desires, and the reasons for which you do things the way that you do them. Something that could help you with this process is a workbook that I designed to help you make the best of this year, and put yourself on track to aligning with your dream life. This is my "A Guide to Designing Your Dream Year" workbook, which you can access for free, simply by subscribing to my blog.

A vision statement is the perfect tool for living intentionally. Your personal vision statement, when carefully considered, is literally the guide for your life. It points you onto the path you need to take to manifest your preferred future. This means that your vision statement will direct you towards the daily, monthly and yearly intentions (or goals), and actions you need to take to create a life you desire.

Living intentionally means being conscious. It means being aware of the subconscious programming that dictates your actions, and knowing when that programming is or is not serving you. Most of us walk through life unconsciously, having adopted our parents' and societies beliefs (or subconscious programming). These beliefs determine the things we aspire towards, what we believe is possible for ourselves in every aspect of our lives. We need to be aware of these programs running in the backgrounds of our minds if we wish to create the success we desire. And when I say success, I mean success in whichever way it looks to you. So if you haven't flipped the switch to consciousness, you may wish to spend some time doing that, assessing your beliefs and values, and whether or not they are serving you (i.e. helping you to, or making it harder to, create your ideal reality).

A simple protocol to help you start living intentionally

1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half

2. Label the left top half of the page "limiting beliefs" and the other half "freeing beliefs". Freeing beliefs are those that align with your desires, and will help you create the life you want. Limiting beliefs are those that you may have adopted from your parents, society, or life experience, that are sabotaging your attempt at creating your dream life.

3. Write down all the limiting beliefs that you can think of. For example "I do not have enough money for all my needs", or "I am not capable of becoming successful".

4. Replace each limiting belief with an empowering opposite belief. Write these under the "freeing beliefs" column.

This is a first step in elevating your consciousness. It may be challenging to nail down your limiting beliefs the first time you do this. You may find it helpful to observe our behaviours and thoughts over a week. Take note of your negative thoughts, what are they telling you about some of the limiting beliefs yo may have? Write down new insights as they come to you. The key is to be really mindful and self aware here.

Once you've got this down, you'll be able to step from limitation and complacency into self-empowerment and aligned action. You will be able to define a life vision that is aligned with your consciousness-elevating freeing beliefs, letting unending possibility be the new standard for your life. Then, you will be able to creatively think about the actions that you need to take daily, and the milestones you need to set for yourself, based on your vision, to attract your ideal life.

How vision accelerates your journey to your dream life

So during the message, our church pastor gave us a list of positive benefits that your life experiences when you are lead by a personal vision. I'm going to share these with you now:

When you have vision you have...

1. Guidance

Your vision gives you the guidance you need to take aligned action.

2. Enthusiasm

When you have a clear and inspiring picture of where you are going, everything you do will be 10x more meaningful, and you will be more enthusiastic about doing your everyday tasks.

3. Motivation

Your vision pulls you towards your daily tasks, rather than you having to push yourself to getting things done. Our willpower alone is not enough. When we try to motivate ourselves, we're relying on willpower, which is why we struggle to move forward. But vision relies on a pulling force, meaning that we are have so much love and excitement for the things we do because we know how they are helping us build our future.

4. Focus

Having a vision helps you avoid getting distracted. Your vision, in as inspiring as it is, is also a representation of what you have to lose if you don't take action. The cost of not having focus is foregoing the life you desire.

5. Progress

With enthusiasm, motivation and focus undoubtedly follows progress. Vision requires action in order to manifest. Your enthusiasm, motivation and focus will pull you towards consistent action.

6. Faith

Religious/spiritual or not, we all need to have faith that some greater good is supporting us. Faith means believing in what we cannot see, which in this sense is the belief that even though you presently may not be able to see the results of your labour, your break-through moment is on its way to you.

7. A will to sacrifice

Sacrifice is required if we are to receive the blessings we desire. In other words, if you want to have a great life, you need to be willing to let go of all the habits, activities and people that derail you from moving toward greatness. These may be such things as procrastination, or people with limited mindsets. We replace what we sacrifice with people, things, and habits that support our vision.

8. Divine discontent

It takes a level of discontent with where you're currently at to have a desire to make progress. This is not the discontent where we take our blessings for granted, but rather a positive kind of discontent that pulls us towards our vision. In other words, it means that you know that God/universe has more in store for you, and you're hungry to see it manifest in your life.

9. Support

When you know what you need to create, you will know the help you need to create it. Constantly having your vision at the front of your mind allows you to spot opportunities to receive and seek out help to realise your vision.

Some quotes on vision:

"People do not wander around and then find themselves at the top of Mount Everest." - Zig Ziglar

"Vision is the ability to see God's presence and plan even amid obstacles. When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic. Your attitude stays positive rather than negative. Not foolishly positive, as though in a fantasy, for you are reading God into your circumstances." - Chuck Swindoll

Taking the next steps - Your vision workbook

So you've read this post, and you're like "this is all great but how do I actually create a vision for myself?" I got you sis; this month's workbook will help you with this. Tune in next week, when I will be releasing a vision workbook that will...

  1. Give you the practical steps to creating a crystal clear and highly effective personal statement.

  2. Help you compartmentalise your life into key areas, and create a mini-vision for each one.

  3. Create an all-encompassing vision which gives you a clear picture of how you want your life to look in each key area of your life. It will also make it clear for you which key areas are most important for you to prioritise, relative to your life stage, in order to manifest your dream life.

I hope you loved this post sis! I love sharing with you things I learn that I know will help me take better care of myself, and create a life I love. This is my mission, and I wish to be able to share this life-changing information with more and more women! Which is why I ask you to share and comment on my posts. So if this is a mission you believe in, then I would love your support in growing this community.

Thank you to Pastor André from Rivers Church for sharing this beautiful message!

All my love

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