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How to get unstuck and create an abundant life

Hey sis

It brings me so much joy to be here again with you today! As promised last week, I'll be helping you create a simple and highly effective gratitude practice of your own this week! Thank you for giving me the privilege of supporting you in this journey.

In this post you'll discover...

.how gratitude will help you move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset

.how having an abundance mindset will help you to manifest your desires

.how to start your own gratitude practice

.my own gratitude practice

So let's get right into it.

How gratitude helps to build an abundance mindset

From my experience, whether we're living in abundance or scarcity is a matter of perspective. No matter your current situation, you can find at least three things to be thankful for. The first is that you're alive and breathing, hopefully you're healthy too. This is abundance. You are abundant in the days you have lived, and hopefully still have to live. You are abundant in your health. You are abundant in the air that's available to fill your lungs. Even if you had no material abundance, you would still be overflowing in your capacity for spiritual abundance and satisfaction in the fact that you are alive (let's not forget that life in itself is a gift).

So are you getting me here? Gratitude and abundance are two sides of the same coin. When you are grateful, you are abundant, as you are able to see everything in your life that is supporting you. Abundance in itself is not just a measure of the material fullness of our lives, it is an intention that we set to see the fullness that already exists. This fullness can be our spiritual fullness, an abundance in our love and family relationships, or simply in our ability to create joy even if we are not currently experiencing it. So we need to maintain a posture of gratitude if we wish to be abundant. It's a decision, which is accessible to you at any moment. It can be easy to hold onto resentment, resentment that other people have all the money in the world and we don't, or that we don't have a car and have to rely on public transport etc. But in those moments, we need to catch ourselves and ask who we are resentful towards. Who is responsible for making sure we have all these things? Nobody. The fact that we have the material things that we have at this point is a blessing, because life doesn't owe us anything. We owe ourselves everything, and we can start to create more in our lives by being thankful for what we have already, material and non-material.

How having an abundance mindset will help you manifest your desires

Creating more is all about realising and celebrating all that we already have. When you step into gratitude, you are creating an energetic shift. The moment that you experience gratitude for what you already have, you attract the energy of abundance. Everything is energy, and abundance and gratitude are compatible energies, if not the same energy. When you thank God/universe for what is in your life, you are allowing yourself to tap into your ability to create more for yourself, and allowing God/universe to bring more your way. You have opened yourself up to creating and receiving more. When you're stuck in the complacency of scarcity, your focus is on all that you don't have. You certainly aren't positioned for creating more and seizing opportunities for more, if your mind is focussed on the "littleness" of what you have. You can't attract more by focussing on less.

So in summary, when you are grateful, you open yourself up to unleashing the power within yourself to create more abundance in your life.

How to start your own gratitude practice

Here's a simple and practical list to help you get started.

1. Use a gratitude journal

What I would recommend is getting a gratitude journal. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just get a space where you can write your gratitudes daily.

2. Write in your journal every day

Ideally twice, in the morning and at night. I think twice is best because you can start the day in a positive space of mind, and then end the day thankful for the day's events, rather than allowing any negative feelings to continue to impact you as you sleep.

3. Make it measurable

You can do this either by giving yourself a time frame in which you have to keep writing things you're grateful for, and you don't stop until the time is up. Or you can tell yourself that you have to find a specific number of things to be grateful for each time you write. This helps you to override the initial "I can't think go anything to be grateful for" response, and train your brain always to find even the smallest thing to be grateful for.

My personal gratitude practice

I pretty much follow the same formula that I gave you above. I have a cute A5 pocket journal that I bought for about R30, and I write 3 things that I'm grateful for in the morning, and at the end of the day. Sometimes I write more than 3 things, but 3 is my lower limit. And confessedly, I'm still trying to build the habit of writing at night. What I've been doing instead is doing a pre-emptive gratitude* in the morning, and then afterwards, I'll reflect on yesterday and write what I'm grateful for from the day's events.

*A pre-emptive gratitude is basically imagining yourself at the end of the day, reflecting on your gratitude for how the day unfolded/how you showed up that day. For example, before you start your day, you could write in your gratitude journal "I'm thankful that I was focussed and managed to complete my key tasks for the day". The pre-emptive gratitude helps you to feel a hint of the satisfaction from completing your tasks, and motivates you to showing up as the version of yourself who completes her key tasks for the day.

So that's just about it for today! I wanted to take it a step further, and leave you with something practical that you can take home with you. I want to help you transform your life into exactly what you want it to be, but even as you work on manifesting your dream life, always remember to be grateful for the life that you're living now. I read a quote yesterday that said something along the lines of being thankful for your life, because at some point this is the life you dreamed of having. That's definitely true for me. So as I create my dream life, I am also constantly stepping into gratitude for the life I have now. The best way to glorify our Creator, whatever kind of Creator you believe in, is by giving thanks the grace it continuously pours over us.

Some quotes to help you grasp the realness of your power over your abundance

I'm quite into using quotes to help cement my message at the moment. And I find it so exciting to read things from other people who are saying the same things that I believe! So here are some quotes for you:

  1. "When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears" - Tony Robbins

  2. "Despite my extreme skepticism, practicing gratitude changed my life. It didn't turn me into some happy-go-lucky person I was never meant to be (or, frankly, wanted to be). But I developed a fundamentally different way of thinking and moving through life, in which I stopped taking for granted all the tiny good moments that were already part of it. I stopped looking for happiness out there and learned to find it right in here." - Natalie Kogan

  3. "Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what has already been given." - Sufi saying

  4. "Consider all the good that comes to you as a gift, as something you have been fortunate enough to receive. This is how you ensure that you don't take gratitude for granted. You will always appreciate the moments in your life because you know you are lucky to have them." - Mike Oppland

  5. "Abundance is not something we acquire, it's something we tune into." - Wayne Dyer

  6. "Gratitude is the skill of happiness. It's the cure for an emotional vampire. And it is indeed a skill. It requires practice and effort and habit. But it's a skill anyone can learn and anyone can do. And you can start today, right now." - Mark Manson

Thank you so much for coming here today sis. I feel so aligned when I am here writing for you, so it really makes me feel honoured to know that there might be a few women who come and read, and possibly even use this material to make changes in their lives. So thank you for making this even more worthwhile for me by showing up! So much love for you. As always, please share this post with a sister who you think might benefit from reading it. Also, share your biggest takeaway with me on IG @heysis.sa, I'd love to hear what you got from this.

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All my love,

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