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How I am attracting more joy in 2020, and how you can too

Hey sis,

Thank you so much for coming through today. I'm writing this after indulging myself in a gorgeously long morning bath, whilst listening to Jay Shetty's On Purpose podcast in the background. I'm in a good place, and I've received some divine inspiration for my life that I deeply feel called to share with you.

I was listening to Jay Shetty talking to Gabrielle Bernstein about her new book Super Attractor, and so much clarity came to me on what the purpose of this next year in my life actually is. I'm going to be sharing this with you today, and hopefully it will give you the courage to check in with yourself about whether or not you're giving 2020 to yourself and your bliss, or to others and their expectations of you.

Let's get right into it sis!

In this post you will discover...

.my intentions for 2020

.how not listening to your intuition leads to self-betrayal and suffering

.the things I want to do in 2020 (guided by my intentions)

So, having just finished my university journey (finally!!!), a lot of people are really curious about what my plans are for next year. I kind of cringe when I'm asked the "what are you doing next year?" question, because I know that for most people, my answer is likely to make them a bit uncomfortable. I've noticed that people ask this question with an expected answer in mind, usually that I'll have secured a job in corporate (which is way far from anything I want to do).

Listening to this podcast this morning helped to feel confident and validated in my desires for my life this year. I generally am someone who has a strong internal guidance. My intuition speaks to me clearly, and usually signals to me in some super loud way when I have not followed its instruction. My intuition was kind of screaming at me for the past four years of my university journey. That's what brings me here today, super determined to follow my joy, rather than spending another year of my life not honouring my true desires.

My intentions for 2020

When I wrote the Setting intentions, not goals, for your best new year post, I hadn't yet set my own intentions for the year. So things kind of just fell into place for me this morning as I was listening to Jay and Gabby's convo.

My intentions are very simple and unembellished. They also might seem somewhat unspecific, but I've left them that way purposefully. I want my intentions to serve as a compass for me in decision-making, in the same sort of the way that your values would act as a compass for defining your intentions. I want to be able to think of a potential course of action, and look back at my intentions to decide whether or not the opportunity I'm faced with will magnify or dim the feelings that I am committed to experiencing this year.

The "why" behind my intentions

Thinking about death really helped me to put my intentions into perspective.

I thought of the unavoidable truth that none of us knows when our lives are going to end. If I had to die at the end of 2020, I wouldn't want to die having spent another year betraying myself, holding myself back from doing the things that are most meaningful to me, and which bring me the most fulfilment, out of fear of judgment, or from internalised beliefs (that are not my own) about what I should be doing with my life.

Most of us take for granted that our evolution in life is marked by certain milestones. Graduating from university, getting a job, buying our first car and house ... you know how it goes. I've become really conscious that we have the choice to decide whether or not we agree with the life paths marketed to us by society, and whether or not we choose to conform. The key to living a purposeful life is being intentional. We can't be intentional if we don't evaluate the norms, and whether or not they suit us. Whatever decision you choose, from a point of consciousness, is totally up to you.

For myself though, I've learned over time that there are norms that I do not want to conform to. This knowing comes from a place of deep inner guidance, and I owe it to myself to listen to this intuition. Self-betrayal comes about from choosing repeatedly not to listen to yourself. Every time you don't, you are eroding self-trust unconsciously, and maybe even on a conscious level. Self-betrayal causes a lot of suffering unconsciously; and you might even become conscious at some point of your own participation in causing suffering. The past four years of my life have been spent in some form of suffering because of this.

Until now, I've been living through a battle between my inner self, who knows what's best for me, and the part of me that unconsciously internalised external expectations. Because I had unconsciously identified with societal expectation, I didn't question whether or not there were more aligned options for me, until I had gotten in really deep, and it made the most sense for me to finish what I had started. I don't blame myself for this, and I don't think it was in vain. I think God knew what He was doing, although it was a really difficult experience. I learned the lessons that are allowing me to share this with you today, and which have really helped me build a mindset about listening to my inner guidance, and living life on my own terms.

Things I want to do in 2020

Now that I've shared my intentions, and why I have set them, I want to share with you some of the things that I'm super excited to do this year! And with me putting them out there, it holds me extra accountable to getting them done.

1. Pour myself into growing my brand and community

I'm committing to looking self doubt and fear of failure in the face and saying "no thanks". I want to build self-belief by doing the work to show up for my dreams and for the woman I want to become.

2. Be of service

I want to pour myself into grow the Hey sis community, and serving as many women as possible to dive into a nourishing journey of self care, gentle self growth, and creating lives they love.

3. Travel

Because why not? I've learned that if we hold ourselves back from expressing and exploring our desires, we give them no chance of manifesting in our lives. I see travel in my life, so I'm committing to finding a way to make it happen.

4. Practice more yoga

I've invested in a yoga teacher training program (sooo excited!!!) that will take place between Jan and Feb. Yoga has been with me since I was a young teen, but it's only now that I'm diving deeper into growing my practice. I'm super excited about what could come for me here.

5. Allow myself to sing more (in front of people)

In case you didn't know, I'm quite passionate about singing! These past four years haven't seen much of me sharing my voice. I have lost a bit of confidence in the strength of my voice, and have hidden my inner singer somewhere really far away. I want to help her find her way back out again.

6. Make more art

Same situation as the singing applies here. I used to paint and draw all the time. But almost all of that was lost in university. I want to recover my inner artist by painting more, and exploring photography too.

7. Invest in my financial education

Late in 2019 I started reading Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter's Retire Young Retire Rich. I want to read more books to feed my mind with financial abundance content, and expand my reality of what is possible for me financially in my life.

8. Grow spiritually

The year of 2019 saw me connecting with my spirituality more than I have (kind of ever). When I was around sixteen, I would randomly receive spiritual insights. That stopped as suddenly as it started. This past year, the more I exposed myself to church, and spiritual teachings, I've realised how much richer life is when we walk through it as spiritual beings first, and physical beings second. For me, this means investing more in my church life, and personal practice of accessing God daily, His divine guidance, and aligning myself more and more with His will for my life.

You deserve to give yourself a chance

All the things that I want to do this year are aligned with the person I want to become, the life I want to create, and the feelings that I want to experience. I'm choosing to invest in doing things that give me more bliss, a greater sense of freedom, power and alignment. A thought that came to me this morning is that I *deserve* a year to choose myself. Not to act in alignment with my intentions would be to say that I don't have enough faith in God's plan for my life (this is on the foundational belief that my dreams/desires come from God). It would also be to say to myself that I'm not worthy of chasing my joy and creating a life that is true to me. I can't actually imagine myself consciously participating in such a self-harming narrative. So I'm giving myself this year, to play a little game with life and with God, and see where that takes me.

I hope that me sharing my intentions and desires for this year will help you to be more honest with yourself about what you truly want. I know that no circumstance is the same, and sometimes we don't have the privilege of doing exactly what we want to be doing. But in any situation, we can always still choose to follow our joy. We can always interrogate stories that we're feeding ourselves, about what we can/can't do, about what is/isn't possible, and then choose to be courageous in calling ourselves out on the excuses we make to hold ourselves back. So much more is possible for you than you might think. And you are worthy of having it all.

Please share this post on your social media! It will help my blog grow awareness, and reach so many more women.

All my love

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