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10 Self love rituals to make yourself feel good

Hey sis

Thank you for joining me here today! I wanted to wrap up Self Love Feb with a post that will inspire you to continue your self love and self care throughout the year. Self care doesn't have to be an elaborate thing that you do only when you have lots of time or money. Self care can be practiced every day from the comfort of your own home, no matter how much money or time you have.

Today I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite self love rituals. They are all pretty simple. Some I do more regularly than others, but they all make me feel just as good. If yo haven't already, I hope that you can commit the rest of this year to feeling good. In a book I'm reading called "Super Attractor" by Gabby Bernstein, Gabby speaks about how feeling good is the key to calling in all the things that we want for ourselves in our lives. Feeling good is vital to living our best lives. It's a choice that you can make now, for free. Regular self care is one of the ways in which you can continuously re-commit to feeling good.

So let's get right into it!

In this post you will discover...

. 10 self love rituals that you can practice regularly too lift your mood and vibration

. why self care is a service to yourself and others

Self care isn't selfish

Let's start by busting a pretty popular self care myth: "self care is selfish". I think that most of us know by now that it isn't selfish to practice self care. There's tons of self care and self love activists on social media who continuously remind us that it's okay to put ourselves first. I think though that there is some part of us that doesn't quite believe that, otherwise more of us would be putting more energy into taking care of ourselves. It's one thing to know something logically, but it's another thing actually to believe it. My suspicion is that many of our consciousness' still don't believe in our worthiness, and this manifests in us not investing in ourselves as much as we would like to. In order to re-program the mind to believe that we are worthy of receiving love, we need to start by giving ourselves this love. We give ourselves love by creating the time and space to take care of ourselves.

When we take care of ourselves, we're actually doing a service to our communities. By practicing self care, you're lifting your vibration. Your mood lifts and your physical energy lifts. Instead of feeling weighed down be emotional baggage, your spirit feels lighter. When your emotional baggage is lifted, physically that translates into greater energy. You're able to show up as a better version of yourself in your relationships, and in your work, and pretty much everywhere else where your presence is required. So if you think about it this way, you realise that when you show up for yourself you show up for others.

10 Rituals for self love

Here is a list of some of the rituals I like to practice here and there:

1. Journaling

I love journaling. It helps me clear my mind, and find answers to questions I've been carrying in my mind. It is a reflective practice that helps me clear any emotional weight I've been carrying and to check myself on how I can show up better in my relationships. After journaling, I always feel like my spirit is lighter and like I have gained a new perspective and appreciation for life.

Tip: if you're new to journaling, write 1 sentence a say for a week. Then one paragraph for the next 2 - 3 weeks, until you can free write for five minutes or more.

2. Joyful movement

Movement is essential for our bodies' health. It doesn't have to be in the modern way of exercising that we tend to envision. If you like to dance, you could do a dance workout to a Youtube video. If you like walking, you could take daily afternoon walks. I love yoga, so that's generally what I do.

Tip: make it fun. You won't be motivated to show up consistently when you're doing something you hate!

3. Take yourself out on a date

I love taking myself out to enjoy beautiful sceneries. When I'm bored or about to feel a bit lonely, I know I need a change of scenery. I love to sit and sip tea or a smoothie at a gorgeous restaurant. I always feel refreshed afterward, and you never know who you might bump into while you're out! Last time, I bumped into a cousin i hadn't seen in years, and that ended up being the highlight of my day!

4. Mindful rest

Often when we unwind from our busy days, we do so mindlessly. We scroll endlessly on Instagram, or we watch hours of series that we didn't plan to watch. This type of rest is not restorative, and it often depletes our emotional reserves. It's inevitable that the further down you scroll on your feed, you will compare yourself to someone and feel bad about yourself. Watching house of series, as fun as it might sometimes be, is not helping you to clear and re-energise your mind and body. Although it's counter-intuitive to think that *doing* stuff while you're resting will rejuvenate you, it's actually true. The key is in doing something that you find pleasure in, and which engages your mind. Another thing is to be intentional with your leisure time. If you want to fully switch off to re-energise, think of something that will actually rejuvenate you rather than just numb you from your exhaustion.

Tip: How about trying to halve your time on social and series, and spending the other time doing some mindful rest? Try something new, or return to an abandoned hobby.

5. Spend time with loved ones

Something I'm introducing in my life is scheduling calls and Facetimes with my absolute favourite friends. I know that I need meaningful social interaction pretty much every day to feel happy and fulfilled, so quality time with loved ones is an act of self love for me. Be the first one to call, or send that message you've been meaning to send. You'll be surprised by how good you feel after spreading and receiving love.

6. Take stock of your blessings

I've written a few blog posts about gratitude. I can't tell you how effective it is at shifting you from a low vibe to a high vibe. It's such a simple thing, and it's available to all of us all the time. I consider gratitude to be a self love practice because it is an emotional mastery technique. When you are feeling low and don't know how to get out of it - turn to gratitude. When you have been hurt by someone, finding something to be thankful for in your relationship with them will give you the courage to forgive, and thus to enjoy the emotional freedom that comes with forgiving. Gratitude can be a cure for virtually anything.

Tip: suspend your judgement, and try it for a week. When you're upset about something, find something to be grateful for in that situation. Notice how you feel immediately after to a day afterward. Try to find small things to be grateful for in your environment throughout this week, and take note of any shifts in your mood and attitude.

7. Indulge yourself in a hot bath

I love hot baths, I find lying back in the hot water to be so relaxing. I love the feeling of the sweat dripping down my forehead from the heat, and the weightlessness of my body in the water. Often I also listen to a podcast while in the bath. It's a nice chilled way for me to relax and get inspired by people I admire. Something I'd like to add to this ritual is an organic scented candle to make the experience feel even more indulgent.

8. Reciting affirmations

Something I've started doing lately is reciting affirmations about money and success. I haven't been too consistent with this, but I definitely want to be doing it more regularly. The affirmations are aimed at helping to deconstruct self-doubts that I have about my ability to achieve the financial, lifestyle and career goals that I've set for myself. Your affirmation practice can address any limitations you face, it doesn't have to be the same as mine.

Tip: there's lots of free affirmation recordings/meditations on Youtube! You can use those as inso for writing your own affirmations list, or simply listen to them as they are.

9. Body massage in front of the mirror

This ritual is specifically targeted for bodily self love. I learned about Mirror work in a book called "Fat is a Feminist Issue" by Susie Orbach. She uses mirror work as a tool to help heal her woman patients from body image issues. This is a nice ritual because it adds intentionality to the daily act of moisturising your body. In front a body-length mirror, moisturise your skin as you would usually do. Doing this every day will help you overcome any discomfort of seeing your naked body reflected back at you. With each intentional caress, you're giving your body more and more love.

Tip: this whole practice might seem silly, but it will work if you allow yourself to open up. You may feel very uncomfortable looking at yourself in the mirror. Focus on admiring the parts of your body that you *do* love, and spend less time thinking about what you want to change. Try to be an objective observer of your reflection, simply looking to see and not to judge.

10. Go outside

We spend so much time indoors - especially if we're working or studying from home. We've just gotten into a culture of avoiding outside. But our bodies need and love being outside! We need the vitamin D from the sun, not to mention the fresh oxygen in our lungs. It's a nice way to broaden your perspective when you see how much larger life is outside the room you've been sitting in. It's also a nice way to move your body more by getting up from tThis is a trap I fall into too, and I definitely need to go outside more!

tip: if you spend a lot of time indoors, step outside periodically throughout the day. Maybe every one or two hours, go and spend five minutes outside.

I hope you'll pick one or two rituals to add to your routine...or create one of your own! Self care is the way to show ourselves love, and self love should be a priority for all of us.

Let me know which ritual you'll be adding to your routine in the comments below! And please share this post with a sister in your community! This will help me to extend the reach of my impact with Hey sis. This would be amazing because then more women can start putting themselves first and start living the lives of their absolute dreams!

All my love

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