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I'm a soulful creator, holistic wellbeing warrior and wholehearted believer in women's unlimited potential. You can catch me here chatting about all things self care and lifestyle design.

I'm Tshepang.

Let's start at the

throwing it back to '97

I was born at exactly 16h25 in a small hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. From pretty much the day I started school, I have been your typical A-type over-achiever (call me a child workaholic). Art and music were big themes in my life. As an introverted child growing up, I kept myself busy drawing things I imagined and singing along to the soundtracks of Camp Rock and High School musical. Good times. 


Only daughter 

of a single mom

(until after I turned 21, I now have an adorable 1 year old baby sister)

It was just me and my mom for a long time. Then one day she got married and everything changed. 

My mom had always been a pretty independent woman who did what she wanted to do when it pleased her. If she wanted to cook she would, if she didn't she wouldn't (don't be concerned, I was always well fed). Yet after getting married, her involvement in the house changed and it seemed like she had little time to take care of herself. I couldn't help but ask "what happened to my mom?"

Deeply confused and frustrated, I learned that society dictates that women work tirelessly to serve others. But what about our own needs, wants and desires?

At the time I was 15 and I  hadn't yet understood that joy and personal freedom looks different across women. I'm now happy for my mom, as long as she's living a life that satisfies her.


Not every woman gets to choose though, and even some who have more freedom still feel constrained. Having this realisation is what makes me so excited about coming here and supporting you to realise your worth, harness your feminine power, and create a life that honours your unique desires.

Lessons I learned  

from hitting rock bottom

In 2016 and 2017, just after starting university, I reached rock bottom. I was depressed, anxious and felt completely alone. After struggling silently for nearly two years, my spirit told me that I needed to make a change or I wouldn't survive.

Like many of us, I had some unresolved childhood trauma wreaking havoc in my subconscious mind. Not to mention that I was studying a commerce degree (when I really wanted to be in art school) and my environment made me feel like I couldn't be who I truly am. My light was dimming, and hope was a far-fetched idea for me.

Then came the day I that changed everything. I declared that life was worth living, I opened up to my mom about my pain and started doing the healing work. 

My experience showed me that authenticity isn't a choice for us. We need to do the work and live the lives that bring us joy, or we will suffer some sort of death. We also need to affirm our worth by doing the emotional work in addition to the physical self care.


Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't have to hit rock bottom before honouring your spirit and body, and living life aligned? That's what I want to support you with, sis.  

Why I do 

What I do 

I've always had big dreams and I've never desired to fit into the box. But I haven't always believed in myself. And it's caused me a lot of pain: self doubt, loss of identity, and feeling like I don't deserve to live the life I desire. But I do, and so do you.

I want to help women feel safe to be feminine in the man's world we inhabit. Through self care, we show love and respect to our bodies, thanking them for working tirelessly to carry us in our daily lives. By living boldly, we take up space and show our sisters that we don't have to live by the socially limiting noise.

I live by 

To express myself and to live on my own terms, by conscious design.

Personal freedom 

I'm obsessed with taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I can only enjoy my life to the extent of my overall health. This means having discipline, yet also showing myself tender compassion.


I generally keep an open mind (which can sometimes render me a bit gullible) and looove to learn. I'm obsessed with self-learning.


I like getting things done and having something to show for my work. I hold myself to a high standard (working on moving from just "high" to "high and healthy").


I can't survive without deep and meaningful relationships. Quality over quantity? That's me. 


"Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it." - Dr. Maya Angelou


Join the 

Harnessing feminine power 

Contrary to popular belief, women are inherently powerful. We are powerful in our empathy and service to others, in our ability to get things done, in our cyclical nature and so much more. The world needs a revolution of women boldly claiming their power.



With Hey sis, I aim to create a global

community of empowered and self-believing women who prioritise their holistic wellbeing, who are intentional in designing lives that they love, and who have the courage to live in alignment with their true purpose.

Core Values 


Supportive relationships are vital for wellbeing & encouragement. When one rises, we all rise. 


Here we strive to be the versions of ourselves, and to live the versions of our lives that will bring us true meaning and joy. 


Information is power. Access is the key to harnessing that power. Knowledge needs to be easily accessible for all of us to be the best versions of ourselves.

self care tips

top 10 


How am I taking care of myself (mind, body and soul) in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? This post will give you all of the deets. I use these simple, self-loving methods to keep happy and healthy even when things around me might not be going my away!

Pour yourself a cup of your fave hot drink and get comfy sis. 

let's go! 

and write the script to your life? 

Ready to lean in 

Of course you are! My workbooks will give you a great start to designing a life you love.

Hey sis!

I'm Tshepang.

Introvert with an awkward sense of humour, passionate believer in feminine power, visual artist, writer and wellness enthusiast trying to figure out this life thing.

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